A lot has changed when it comes to real estate transactions since Nestablish.com first launched in 2009. Today, loan officers have teams of assistants who help them process their pipeline. Now, Nestablish supports this model with Team Accounts.

team account position

Already a registered Nestablish.com user? Look for the team icon when you log in to upgrade your existing account and invite your team members.


A Loan Officer Team account gives you...

Sharing your password with your team is no longer necessary. 

Invite each person individually and manage your team. When someone leaves, just remove them from the team management screen and keep your buyer’s data secure.

Unlimited Team Members

Add as many loan assistants as you need for free. You remain the loan officer of record, but your assistants can manage the loans, generate forms, update loan parameters, and manage buyer information.

Add as many additional licensed loan officers as you need for an additional $9 per loan officer per month. These loan officers can create loans in their name that can be managed by any team member.

Improved Billing Tools

Each month, every subscriber (whether you upgrade to the new Team Account or not) will begin receiving a notification about what their monthly charges will be BEFORE the credit card is charged (with a detailed list of all changers). You’ll still get the same receipt once your card has been charged.

Understanding Team Accounts

Team Leader

This person will typically be a Branch Manager or a Senior Loan Officer who has licensed Loan Officers and or Loan Officer Assistants who work under him or her.

They will have the full-priced Nestablish.com account and be responsible for payment for additional team members.

The data input under this team account is the property of the team leader. If at any time a team member is eliminated from the account that person will not have access to any and all loans and leads input under the Team Leader’s account.

Team Member – Loan Officer

Loan Officer team accounts are $9 extra per month, per additional Loan Officer.

A Loan Officer who is attached to a Team Leader’s account will have the ability to create prequalification letters in their personal name. However, and this is critical to understand, if you leave a Team Leader’s account all data input under this arrangement will be no longer available to you going forward. 

If you prefer to have access to data input into Nestablish.com, even if you are not associated with a team, it is advisable to purchase a personal, full account.

Team Member – Loan Officer Assistant

Loan Officer Assistant accounts are free. 

Loan Officer Assistants will have access to Team Leaders Loans and Leads with the capability of editing data in order to assist the Team Leader.

If at any point a Loan Officer Assistant is removed from the team they will no longer have access to the data associated with the Team Leader.