Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is Nestablish?

A: Nestablish is a loan pre-qualification and pre-approval letter management system for loan officers and real estate agents. Our proprietary, secure system allows loan officers to set a maximum value for a home buyer's offer. The real estate agent can then create an account and generate pre-qualification letters at any value they wish, up to that maximum.

Q: Where are you based?

A: Nestablish is based in Phoenix, Arizona. All development is performed in Arizona by our technical team.

Q: Who created Nestablish?

A: Loan officers who wanted to make things easier for themselves and their agents came up with the idea and built the project. Learn more about our founders on our About Us page. Technical development was performed with Sol Minion Development, a Phoenix, Arizona-based software firm.

Q: The site doesn't appear right. I'm using Internet Explorer 8 or another old browser.

A: Nestablish has been tested to work in Google Chrome (preferred), Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox 3+, and Apple Safari 4 and above. Loading Nestablish in IE8 or earlier may cause display and functionality issues and with the unsupported browser.

If you are unable to use another browser, there's still hope! Simply click here and install Google's IE6 plug-in, Chrome Frame. Chrome Frame makes Internet Explorer 6 show pages as they would appear in modern browsers when the site supports that functionality.

It will take just two minutes and it's completely seamless.

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Pricing & Licenses

Q: How much does Nestablish cost?

A: Nestablish is 100%, completely free for home buyers and real estate agents. Loan officers pay a flat monthly rate for unlimited access, loans, uploads, and pre-qualification letters. View our pricing plans for more information.

Q: I have a license in multiple states. Do I have to pay more for each state?

A: At this time, you can enter as many states as you are licensed in at no additional cost.

Q: Do I pay per loan? How many loans can I process in a month with Nestablish?

A: Your Nestablish account allows one single loan officer to create as many loans in their loan pipeline as they want. There is no limit, and there are no per-loan costs. Please note that each account is tied to one individual loan officer, and accounts cannot be shared.

Q: Do you offer bulk rates for companies with many loan officers? Do you offer white-labeling?

A: Yes, please Contact Us directly to discuss opportunities for rate discounts, corporate billing, and customization options.

Q: Is there a limit to how many letters or forms a real estate agent or loan officer can generate?

A: No. The beauty of Nestablish is that a real estate agent can quickly and easily generate the exact pre-qualification letter for the exact offer amount they require. The loan officer's subscription includes unlimited letter and form generation for all users on their loans.

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Loan Data, Loan Details, and Fannie Mae 3.2 Files

Q: What sort of data is needed to create a loan in Nestablish?

A: As the data that appears in a pre-qualification or LSU varies dramatically from loan officer to loan officer, we attempt to capture the most important pieces of information in a loan. This includes very specific data about the loan amount, including the maximum loan amount a buyer is approved by the loan officer for, the loan to value ratio, annual interest rate, term of loan, and several additional details about the loan.

Q: How do I enter the required loan information into Nestablish?

A: Nestablish features a unique Fannie Mae 3.2 (.FNM) file import tool that allows you to import a Fannie Mae 3.2 file directly into your Nestablish loan. Instructions on generating the FNM file from Point and Encompass are available on the upload page.

If you lack the ability to generate a Fannie Mae file or encounter an error, you are able to manually enter the required data. Our system will walk you through the necessary fields.

Q: Why is some data missing after importing from my Fannie Mae file?

A: Certain loan systems like Point allow you to store additional information about a buyer like the property type, cell, and work phone numbers. This data is not stored in the Fannie Mae file, so we are unable to import it. You can manually add this data to your loan file from the loan dashboard.

Q: Are Social Security Numbers stored on Nestablish?

A: Social security numbers are NEVER stored on Nestablish. While the Fannie Mae 3.2 file contains SSNs, they are immediately stripped and purged from our system and are never stored in any form. The remaining Fannie Mae data is securely encrypted, protecting your client's information.

Q: Do you support co-buyers?

A: Yes. Loans can have pre-approval letters, pre-qualification letters, and LSUs generated for single buyers or co-buyers.

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Who Can Use Nestablish?

Q: Why would I invite my home buyer? (As a home buyer, what can I do on Nestablish?)

A: Homebuyers can be invited to view all generated letters and forms. Home buyers are also able to digitally sign their forms and pre-qualification letters. Loan officers frequently deal directly with buyers, with real estate agents brought in further into the process, so Nestablish is built to allow loan officers the ability to enter the buyer's data and invite them to the process. Learn more about Nestablish for home buyers.

Q: My real estate agent has never heard of Nestablish. Can I still use the site?

A: Absolutely. Nestablish features a built-in invitation tool that allows you to invite home buyers and real estate agents to use the site and join a specific loan in your pipeline. Users naturally only have access to the loans you've invited them to, but a real estate agent you work with on multiple loans will only require one account to manage them all. Agents can manage loans with multiple loan officers from their single account as well. Learn more about Nestablish for real estate agents.

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Account Information & Your Data

Q: I use different email addresses from time to time. Do I need to create separate accounts?

A: No. You can assign a primary email address and add additional addresses so that associates can find you and invite you to loans through those addresses. This will ensure you don't receive invitations to create brand new accounts when associates use different email addresses for you. (You must verify every email address by clicking the verification link sent to the address, in order to add it to your account.)

Q: I'm changing companies and email addresses. Do I need to create a new Nestablish account?

A: No. You can add an additional email address and make it your primary email address.

Q: How is my information kept secure?

A: All information is transmitted over a bank-grade secure, 256-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) connection. This prevents data from being transmitted in plain view and essentially eliminates the risk of people "eavesdropping" on your data connection. Once transmitted, the data is stored on our secure server, with the latest firewall and virus-prevention technology keeping it safe.

Q: Can other users access my leads or loan pipeline? Do you sell my client data for mailing lists?

A: No. At Nestablish, your data is your own. Your home buyers and leads may be presented with the option to create an account or receive Nestablish newsletters, but they are opt-in campaigns that can be canceled at any time. Your client's personally identifiable data is never sold or distributed to any third parties or marketing companies. Further, your data is never shared with other users of Nestablish. It remains entirely yours, though our technical support staff can view leads and loan information for troubleshooting purposes only.

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Arizona Pre-Qualification Form ("PQF") & Loan Status Update ("LSU")

Q: What is an Arizona Pre-Qualification Form ("PQF") and Loan Status Update ("LSU")? (I'm in Arizona, do you support Loan Status Update?)

A: The Pre-Qualification Form ("PQF") and Loan Status Update ("LSU") are specific pre-qualification templates created for real estate agents in the state of Arizona, and launched in March 2011. They are the primary pre-qualification forms used in Arizona and are typically required for Arizona transactions. At this time, no other state uses the Loan Status Update, so if you are outside of Arizona, you can disregard any mentions of the LSU.

Q: What about the LSR? Do you support the older Loan Status Report?

A: As of March 2011, the LSR has been phased out in Arizona in favor of the new Arizona Pre-Qualification Form and Arizona Loan Status Update form. As such, we do not support the creation of the older LSR.

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Installation, System Requirements, and Updates & Upgrades

Q: Do I need to install anything to use Nestablish?

A: Nestablish is built as a web-based application. This means that you can access your loan pipeline securely from any computer with an internet connection and modern internet browser. Currently supported browsers include:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, 8, & 9
  • Mozilla Firefox 3 & 4
  • Google Chrome (strongly preferred!)
  • Apple Safari 4+


If you are using Internet Explorer 6 and are unable to use another browser, there's still hope! Simply click here and install Google's IE6 plug-in, Chrome Frame. Chrome Frame makes Internet Explorer 6 show pages as they would appear in modern browsers, when the site supports that functionality.

Q: Can I use Nestablish offline?

A: As Nestablish is a web-based application, an internet connection is required to enter and retrieve data and to use the application's various features.

Q: How is Nestablish updated or upgraded?

A: Nestablish is constantly being improved. New features are in the works and being released regularly. These changes are made without any action required by you. There's nothing to install, and you're always on the latest version of Nestablish.

Q: Can I place a Nestablish icon on my Windows Desktop?

A: If you use Google Chrome as your browser, Chrome allows this through the creation of an Application Shortcut. While logged in to Nestablish, visit your Loan Pipeline, or whatever page you wish the application to load. Then, follow these instructions:

  1. Click the wrench icon on the browser toolbar.
  2. Select Tools.
  3. Select Create application shortcuts.
  4. In the dialog that appears, choose where you'd like the shortcuts to be placed on your computer.
  5. Click Create.

You'll be able to double-click the Nestablish logo from your Desktop or the Task Bar and begin using Nestablish immediately in a streamlined window that only runs Nestablish.


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