Never wait on a loan officer to submit an offer again!

As a real estate agent, you have a busy schedule that sometimes has you working on the weekends. Few things can be more frustrating than having to contact a buyer's loan officer to generate a pre-qualification letter or loan status report for each and every offer you're about to make. Nestablish allows real estate agents to generate their own loan officer-signed pre-qualification letters, any time they want, from anywhere. And it's free.

How It Works

Once a loan officer has imported the loan data and invited the real estate agent to the loan, the agent can quickly and simply generate a pre-formatted pre-qualification letter for any value they want, up to a maximum amount, signed off on by the loan officer. This gives agents the flexibility to create the exact pre-qualification they want, custom-tailored for each offer they make.

For Arizona real estate agents and loan officers, Nestablish also supports the generation of the Arizona Pre-Qualification Form and Arizona Loan Status Update ("LSU"), a standardized pre-qualification form specific to Arizona. No other system allows agents to instantly generate signed PQFs and LSUs in the exact amount they need, without having to speak with the loan officer.

Pre-qualifications and LSUs generated with Nestablish look just like the pre-qualification letter or LSU you're used to receiving from the loan officer. They are delivered in PDF format, ready for printing, and saved instantly so loan officers and agents alike can review the history for a given loan. Real estate agents can create as many pre-qualifications/LSUs as they like, but they are limited to the maximum value specified by the loan officer. See a sample pre-qualification letter or LSU.

Increase Sales

Instant letter generation helps put YOU first in line and increases the likelihood your offer will be accepted. Reducing the lag normally associated with waiting on a loan officer means you're in control of the process and timeline.

Automatic Surveys

Gain valuable feedback and insight from your customers: Nestablish optionally generates an automatic survey for the home buyer to complete at the close of a transaction. This is a hassle- free, post-close approach that gently requests referrals. You can decide if you want to share the survey results with your loan officer, or keep them to yourself.

If you're ready to begin using Nestablish, view plans and sign up now. Nestablish is completely free for real estate agents. You can also learn more about the benefits of Nestablish for loan officers and for home buyers.