Provide instant pre-qualifications to real estate agents without doing a thing

Nestablish was created to facilitate the pre-qualification process between loan officers and real estate agents. Agents typically want a pre-qualification letter or loan status report for the exact amount of their offer. Frequently, this can come at an inconvenient time such as over the weekend or late at night, and a single transaction may require the generation of three, four, or more pre-qualifications before an offer is accepted. Now you can finally eliminate these inconvenient calls—agents will be able to generate custom offers based on the parameters you set.

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How It Works

Nestablish allows loan officers to set a maximum approved value for a given home buyer's loan. Loan officers are able to invite real estate agents to use Nestablish, free of charge, to generate exact pre-qualifications on the fly, whenever they want, for any value up to the maximum. For loan officers based in Arizona, Nestablish also supports the generation of the Arizona Pre-Qualification Form and Arizona Loan Status Update ("LSU").

PQFs and LSUs generated with Nestablish look just like the Arizona PQF and LSU you're used to. They are delivered in PDF format, ready for printing, and saved instantly so loan officers and agents alike can review their history for a given loan. Real estate agents can create as many PQF/LSUs as they like, but they are limited to the maximum value specified by the loan officer. See a sample pre-qualification letter or LSU.

Pre-qualification letters are generated based on a fully customizable template. Loan officers can choose exactly what information they want to display in their pre-qualification letter and how they want it to look.

Every Letter Signed

Each generated letter is digitally signed by the loan officer. Since the system only allows agents to generate letters up to the maximum value of the loan, this protects you without requiring your action for every letter.

Your Branding Throughout

Loan officers can easily add their photo, logo, company, and contact information. This brands Nestablish for all agents and home buyers working with the officer, helping reinforce your brand.

Increase Your Efficiency

Increase your loan load without having to worry about fielding dozens of pre-qualification requests—once a loan is configured, Nestablish lets your agent complete the process without your intervention.

Simple Data Imports

Nestablish also makes importing home buyer data as simple as possible: simply upload your Fannie Mae 3.2 (FNM) file and the loan data is ready for letter generation, stored on our secure servers.

Performance Surveys

Gain valuable feedback and insight from your customers on yourself and your agents: Nestablish optionally generates an automatic survey for the home buyer to complete at the close of a transaction. This is a hassle-free, post-close approach that gently requests referrals. You can decide if you want to share the survey results, or keep them to yourself.

If you're ready to begin using Nestablish, view plans and sign up now for a free 30 day trial. You can also learn more about the benefits of Nestablish for real estate agents and for home buyers.